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Douro Valley

Treasures of the Greek Isles

Priced From $5,199 per person

8 Days  | 7 Nights

Visit sun-drenched places as you sail the Greek Isles, discovering a world abounding with seaside scenery and ancient treasures. On such legendary islands as Santorini and Mykonos, views of azure sea and white-washed villages will take your breath away. On your Greek islands cruise, you may embrace the magic and mythology of ancient temples built to honor Greek gods and goddesses. Dine among the fascinating ruins of Ephesus as a complimentary treat, a Windstar-exclusive evening Destination Discovery Event planned for Ephesus.  Windstar’s Treasures of Greek Isles, and all other Greece itineraries, deliver you into the heart of Greek culture. 


From the quiet island slab of Monemvasia to the resorts of Santorini and Mykonos, a late night in Kusasadi with an included dinner at Ephesus completes Windstar’s often sold-out itinerary.


  • Envelop yourself in history with visits to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this region.
  • Take an excursion to Epidaurus, where people have traveled miles to be healed.
  • Visit the romantic ancient castles of Monemvasia.
  • Find the breathtaking view from Nafplio’s Palamidi Castle after climbing the 999 rock steps.
  • Tour highlights of Athens including The Parthenon and The Acropolis.
  • Spend full days in the Greek Isles with later evening visits in Santorini, Kusadasi, Patmos and Mykonos.
  • Savor Windstar’s complimentary Destination Discovery Event featuring dinner in the ancient city of Ephesus.

Trip operated by our partner: Windstar Cruises

DAY 1: Athens, Greece

With 3,000 years of history, you can’t turn around in Athens without encountering the past. The Acropolis, a UNESCO site, the Plaka, and the Acropolis Museum are must-sees. But leave time if you can to climb Pnyx Hill for photos of the Parthenon at sunset, to buy your own set of Greek komboloi (worry beads), and to explore the metro stations that serve as mini-museums for the relics that are constantly being unearthed. 

DAY 2: Mykonos 

Wake this morning to the postcard-like scene of Mykonos, the classic Greek isle dotted with hundreds of whitewashed churches and thatch-roofed windmills, in a harbor bobbing with fishing boats and luxurious private yachts. An optional  tour including a scenic ferry ride takes you back to the 6th   century B.C. to the tiny island of Delos, a UNESCO site and the mythical birthplace of Apollo.

DAY 3: Kusadasi

Few places offer such a rich combination of history and scenic beauty. In Ephesus, one of the greatest outdoor museums in the world, you’ll explore legendary sites steeped in history. Also visit the houses of Bulbul Mountain, where the roof of one forms the terrace of the next. This evening we present our Destination Discovery Event — dinner in the moonlight and a concert near the  Celsus Library or on Harbor Street in ancient Ephesus.

DAY 4: Patmos

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known worldwide as the sacred island where St. John wrote the Book of Revelation, Patmos is the ideal place for nature lovers with its coastline of sheer cliffs and its volcanic soil.  Highlights of Patmos include the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Holy Monastery of the Apocalypse.

DAY 5: Santorini

As our yacht approaches the spectacular cliffs rising from the deep azure sea, you’ll understand the magic of this area, where some say the ruins of Atlantis remain hidden. Visit the village of Oia and see the iconic Santorini blue domes or take a guided tour of Bronze Age excavations at the UNESCO site of Akrotiri. Toast the day with a crisp, cold glass of local Assyrtiko wine and appreciate the magic accessible to small ships like ours.

DAY 6: Monemvasia

This Gibraltar-like town tied to the mainland by a single thread of causeway holds treasures that are old even by Mediterranean standards, with town walls and several churches dating to the 12th century. Climb to the upper town for an up-close look at the castle and Agia Sophia, a Byzantine church. Wander the lanes of the lower town lined with Venetian mansions, many of which have been lovingly restored. Savor the sun on a smooth pebble beach. 

DAY 7: Nafplio

This charming seaside town on the Peloponnese is one of the most romantic cities in Greece. Enjoy the medieval old town with narrow cobblestone alleys, and neoclassical mansions with bougainvillea trees adorning the balconies. Take an optional tour to the UNESCO site of Epidaurus or the UNESCO site of Mycenea, ancient ruins including the famous Lion’s Gate. Stroll the Syntagma Square and take in the beauty of the Palamidi Castle with its 999 steps carved from the rocks. The view is breathtaking. 

Priced From $ 5,199 per person (Cruise only fare)

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