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When the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express embarked on its first voyage, a new era of travel was born. It was an iconic moment in time, inspiring artists, socialites and actors alike.

Throughout the twentieth century, the train has held a distinguished role in the art of continental travel. With grand interiors and flowing champagne, we pioneered the most magnificent mode of transport to tour Europe and her finest cities.

Step aboard and anticipate the adventure of a lifetime.

Where ever you go, world class service and star service studded service are guaranteed.

Belmond is a collection of 45 iconic hotels, trains, river cruises and safari lodges set in the world’s most coveted destinations.

Inspiring retreats embrace ancient Peruvian palaces, English country manors and Caribbean villas. The portfolio includes the celebrated Cipriani in Venice, the Copacabana Palace in Rio and the Mount Nelson in Cape Town. Legendary characters pepper each hotel’s past. Guests may stay in Oscar Wilde’s former pied-à-terre at The Cadogan, London, or dine where Rasputin once liked to party at Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg. Award-winning spas, Michelin-starred cuisine and world-famous infinity pools are all a compelling part of the magic. But it’s the warm smiles and enchanting surprises that really set Belmond apart.

Awe-inspiring train journeys include the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, which carries guests in lavish style through the heart of Continental Europe. Its art deco sister train, the British Pullman, runs fine-dining day excursions from London. Royal Scotsman takes in the drama of the Scottish Highlands. Andean Explorer courses high across the Peruvian Andes. Eastern & Oriental Express glides past emerald jungles and timeless temples in Thailand, Malaysia and beyond.

When it comes to slow travel, luxurious river barges ply the waterways of Burgundy, Provence and Champagne, in France. Evocative voyages along the Ayeyarwady River plunge visitors into hidden Myanmar.


Discover Unlimited Beauty

Meet your Crew

Enter a world of timeless romance and boundless beauty

Keeping the journey of a lifetime rolling through Europe takes a special kind of expertise. Fortunately, we’ve assembled a crew of the finest talents.

Take our stewards, who’ll attend to your every whim. Crave a coffee in bed or a cocktail as you dress? They’ll be happy to help.

Or our chefs, who have travelled Europe and trained in the finest kitchens. Anticipate stunning dishes from our kitchen as you travel through Europe.

And we’d best not forget our waiters and barmen, who’ll keep you sated as we journey along the rails. Or the lounge car pianist who’ll play your favourite songs on request until you’re ready to retire.

A Look Inside the world


With a history for hosting famed parties and intriguing guests, among them spies, authors, ambassadors and royalty, our journeys have developed a reputation for memorable connections made over fine dining and late night toasts.

Then and now, guests are surrounded by unrivalled furnishings, marquetry design and legendary artefacts – each with a story of their own.

Marvel at dramatic Scottish skies from your lavish train cabin. Recline aboard a luxury barge, admiring the rolling vineyards of Champagne. Stay in a former medieval monastery, just a stone’s throw from the drama and intrigue of Florence. Plan your adventure in Europe with us.

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