About Us

The Journeys 360 Team has more than 60 years of executive leadership experience working in roles such as product design, operations, and contracting for some of the tops United States Tour Operators. The team spearheaded product design, contracting, and operation of tours and cruises in 70 countries, 7 continents.

​Additionally, members of the Journeys 360 Team also spearheaded crisis management in some of these organizations and has overseen a number of small and large global crises. 

Over the years, our friends and neighbors have reached out to ask for recommendations for where they should travel to or which cruise or tour operator they should use.

Given the many decades’ of experience, the Journeys 360 Team decided to pursue their lifelong dream of starting their travel agency to share the amazing experiences they have collectively created with their friends and customers.

We are eager to share our knowledge and insights and to be able to show the world from our eyes using all the insider travel experiences and our personal contacts.